• Image of a luxury medium style diamond shoulder handbag in Sangria. Nothing speaks louder than the shape of this handbag; inspired by a diamond- beautiful and rare,  the Rue Diamond is Revelry’s iconic style handbag. It is also the most unique piece in the range because of it’s cut. Like an expensive diamond cut, the external front and back body of the Rue Diamond handbag is cut as one whole piece for a cleaner and luxury finish. The Rue Diamond has a distinctive style, edgily playful yet elegant. A sure wo
  • Image of a luxury classic style Rue Diamond leather shoulder handbag. Shaped like a diamond, the Rue is designed with a long front flap that wraps around from back to front. Both sides of the handbag features a small functional pocket that is enclosed with a small stud. The pocket is useful for keeping smaller items such as receipts, pen or cards.  The structure of the handbag is padded slightly for added comfort and is supported by a strong base to allow the handbag to stand on its own. Every piece comes w
  • Back view image of a luxury classic style Rue Diamond leather shoulder handbag. Designed in a smooth full grain leather, the Rue Diamond comes in a rich plum colour called Sangria; an exotic red that evokes a sense of rich adventure and majestic luxury. The choice of leather is captivated with a surrounding dark oil edging and a mild supple sheen leather surface. This sleek handbag and distinctive silhouette has a combination of a firm front and back body and flexible sides for an elegant finish. At the bac
  • An interior view image of a luxury classic style Rue Diamond leather shoulder handbag. The inside of the Rue Diamond has a deep set compartment with ample spacing to fit most of your essentials, e.g. wallet, keys, mobile phone, notebook, lipsticks, pen and many more. The handbag comes with a widen sides to allow easy access into the narrow opening of the handbag. A back pocket is available to store and organise smaller items such as cards and receipts. Every piece is lined with high quality gold woven fabri
  • A close up view image of a luxury classic style Rue Diamond leather shoulder handbag. With it’s minimalist design, the Rue Diamond is accented with a Revelry exclusive Gold Bar hardware and subtle branding embossed at the top of the hardware. Custom mould in quality metal and plated in 22 karat gold, this Gold Bar hardware is a unique and innovative lock closure that serve as a design feature and secure lock function. Every handbag is crafted in meticulous detailing and luxury finish; with attention to deta


$200.00 AUD $500.00 AUD

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Product Details

Birthed with the adventurous spirit in mind, the RUE DIAMOND is a playful yet elegant piece. Swathed in REVELRY's exclusive colour leather and completed with REVELRY's exclusive gold bar hardware, the RUE DIAMOND provides space for essentials with a dash of distinct style.

  • Smooth full grained cow leather 
  • 22-karat gold plated hardware
  • Detachable adjustable strap
  • Fabric lined, internal pocket with leather trim
  • Designer color: Sangria
  • 27 (H) X 21 (W) X 8 (D) cm

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