• Image of luxury classic style pouch in Dusty Pink. Named as the Enn Pouch, this item is part of Revelry luxury small leather goods collection. The Enn Pouch is designed based on the prime handbag collection with geometrical cuts on the bottom edges of the pouch. Compact like a mini wallet, the Enn pouch design to replace most items stored in a regular-size wallet and is also useful for storing jewelry and makeup. The Enn Pouch is a complimentary accessory to use with any Revelry handbag. Useful during light
  • Interior view image of a luxury classic Enn Pouch in Dusty Pink. Crafted with an internal separate compartment, the Enn Pouch allows essential items to be organised neatly with no fuss. Receipts and business cards can be separate from cash and credit cards with convenience. Each pouch is internally lined with high quality woven gold fabric including a hint of smooth full grain cow leather wrapped around the pocket binding. A small piece of leather tab is attached in the middle of the pocket binding with the


$63.75 AUD $75.00 AUD

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Product Details

A luxe leather pouch with separating compartment to stash essentials. Versatile function as a mini wallet or used to organise bits and bobs in a favourite bag.     

  • Smooth full grained cow leather 
  • 22-karat gold hardware
  • 2 compartment slots with leather trim
  • Fabric lined
  • Color: Dusty Pink
  • 11 (H) X 16 (W) cm

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